DRS Machine Management, all activities carried out within its scope,

 Legal regulations,

 DRS machinery policies,

 Be in accordance with the demands and expectations of the employer,

 That he will take all necessary measures to do so;

 That the activities will comply with the Integrated Quality Management Systems in force, 

 That it will allocate the necessary resources for the optimal operation of the system,

 It will ensure that the importance of all these is understood by the employees, and

 It undertakes to review the system in defined periods.

 DRS Makina implements the Quality Management System by establishing it to meet the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, EN ISO 3834-2 standards in order to continuously follow the quality targets and policies it has determined.  Thus, DRS Makina will produce low cost and high quality products and deliver them to our customer on time and increase its competitiveness in the domestic market.

 DRS Makina's main goal is to ensure the continuity of the trust it creates with the products and services it offers to its employers with the name it gives to quality in all its activities since its establishment. In this way, DRS Makina will ensure   “continuous development” in the national and international areas, taking into account the satisfaction of the employer.

 In order to ensure the continuity of DRS Makina's success;

 · Using the latest and current methods, technologies and information systems in manufacturing,

 · To make continuous development within the company permanent while carrying out its activities in accordance with employer expectations, legal regulations, national and internationally accepted standards,

 · Investing in human power,

 · To be a leading company in job security, to protect human life and social opportunities,

 · Having environmental awareness, not creating any environmental pollution in its locations,

 · Achieving environmental goals by fulfilling compliance obligations to improve environmental performance,

 · Undertaking that pollution will be prevented by acting with environmental awareness during the self-development of the organization,

 · Organizing organizations to motivate workers,

 · Continuously improving working conditions for workers,

 · To act in accordance with general and professional ethics,

 · Research, innovation and breakthrough,

 · To complete the projects on time, in the desired quality and within the budget limits,

 · One hundred percent customer satisfaction

 It forms the basis of DRS Makina Quality Policy.