Manufacturing Services

DRS machinery is equipped with various types of welding machines and other modern manufacturing and testing equipment used in the application of welding techniques such as bending machines, TIG, MAG, PAW, SAW, SMAW. DRS Makina, which has an experienced welder staff and Welding Engineers certified in EN and ASME norms, uses the following materials with WPS and PQR documents in its manufacturing projects. As customer requests are confirmed, the equipment is ready for production by quickly supplying the necessary documents for other materials.

* Austenitic stainless steels.(304L,316L,316Ti v.b.),

* Special alloy steels (LDX, Duplex, Superduplex),

* Carbon steels,

* Alloy pipe materials (P11,P22,P91 v.b.),

· Titanium

The materials used can be monitored retrospectively, and chemical analysis of the materials can be done by PMI method if desired.

Thanks to the convenient location of the DRS Machine Factory, the manufactured equipment is shipped to domestic and international customers by road or sea after being packaged in accordance with the shipment.