Project Management Services

Project type production has become an increasingly important sector in the economy of many countries. Employees in a project consist of people with different training, experience and abilities. For this reason, we are constantly trying our best to ensure that our team has the knowledge, experience and experience required by the project. According to the size of the projects, project managers are assigned to the projects in our company. The following are the features that a project manager should have.

* Effective management of activities according to priority ranking and performance goals.

* Directing and encouraging employees.

* Equipping employees with the necessary information to perform their duties.

* Completion of the project within the desired specifications and budget nerves.

The information necessary to achieve the objectives previously determined in project planning is the definitions, priorities and duration of the activities. If the duration of the activity is absolutely known, the end time of the project can also be calculated. Otherwise, probability calculations and expected values are found and risk analyses are performed. For projects, there are many software designed for educational purposes or at a professional level. One of them is Microsoft Project software. There are great advantages to using a computer program in project management. For example;

* Eliminates accounts that take a long time or even are impossible to do manually.

* Provides effective communication between project elements.

* Automatically organizes performance reports in project control.

* Allows you to easily compare various alternatives with different input information.

* Instantly reports situations that do not fit into the plan during the budget and start and end times.

It is natural that the activities and costs in a project differ from the values envisaged in the plan. But after the project is finished, there is no use in examining the differences between the plan and the truth, other than gaining experience for the future. The correct way to follow is to identify and interpret the differences between the implementation and the plan from time to time during the project and to take corrective measures if necessary. We provide daily or Weekly reports to our customers according to their demands. In this way, we follow the difference between the actual project and the planned project. We take the necessary measures in a timely and accurate manner.

We are aware that customer satisfaction will be achieved with quality and profitability. As a company, we sincerely believe that quality and profitability can be achieved through Project Management and planning.