Our Field Services

Another field of activity of DRS Makina is to provide industrial electro-mechanical construction and assembly services both in existing facilities and in new investments. These services are:

Equipment Assemblies

Field installation of process equipment; steam and gas turbines, steam boilers, heat recovery steam generators, waste heat recovery units, auxiliary boilers, compressors, turbines, generators, pumps, tanks, pressure and atmospheric vessels, drums, towers, chimneys, heat exchangers, modular units, installation of cooling towers, all electrical equipment and systems and similar equipment.


Manufacturing and field assembly of lines such as process piping, piping of auxiliary facilities, piping systems of power plants, field piping.

Steel Structure Installation

Manufacturing and field assembly of process units, pipe bearing structures, steel construction structures, pipe and equipment supports.

Field tanks

On-site assembly of pressurized or atmospheric storage tanks, silos, towers and similar equipment designed and manufactured in accordance with API standards.


Maintenance of pumps, pipes, tanks, heat exchangers, jacketed pipes and serpentine equipment in industrial facilities.

Turnkey, Engineering, Procurement and Assembly (EPC) contracting services

DRS Makina provides turnkey “EPC” services to its customers in all engineering, procurement, manufacturing, construction and assembly disciplines.

DRS MAKİNA, detail engineering, planning, pre-manufacturing, manufacturing, equipment supply, material supply and supply, project management, material management, occupational and environmental safety, quality management, electricity, instrumentation, scaffolding, insulation, paint and coating and commissioning of the system undertakes to undertake all or some of the required business areas, including customer preference.